Our purpose is to lift up Jesus Christ to all persons. It is our goal to encourage the saints and exalt our Savior. Our goal is to be an example of Christ in all things. We believe that God breathed the inspired Holy Bible, that Jesus paid the entire price for sin, that salvation is of grace through faith, in the resurrection of Christ and His followers to a glorious heavenly estate, and that New Testament congregations are autonomous and self governing. We are a soul-winning church that can help you find the way to glory.


“Our desire is to help you know Christ through a personal relationship and help you learn to walk with him daily. We would like to extend an invitation to visit with us at Mountain Highway Baptist Church.” 


Our church family came together to talk about their thoughts on Mountain Highway Baptist Church in 2017 for Pastor Lowe's 3 Year Anniversary at MHBC. Take a minute and listen, see if you can't feel the love these folks have for their church and their Pastor.