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Throughout the year, the MHBC Flowers Ministry has the opportunity to encourage one another and reach out into our community. Here are just a few of the ways they are able to do this: 

Monthly Outreach 
Every month we try to be a blessing to the local businesses and to our first responders! It is the Flowers’ desire to thank them for all they do to keep our community safe and thriving. These businesses and public servicemen receive baked goods or popcorn, along with information about MHBC and the Flowers Group. They bake and prepare cookies for our military on special occasions as well. 

The Flowers have breakfast meetings almost every month to fellowship and to discuss their service opportunities for that month. When they don’t have a breakfast meeting, they are on a road trip or having a BBQ in the summer months! 

Serving our local church 
Each year leading up to MHBC’s Graduation Sunday, the Flowers group prepares a gift and encouragement for the graduating seniors. You can never have too many grandmas! The Flowers also frequently prepare meals and gifts for new moms and those who are in need at the church. All of us at MHBC are so thankful for the ladies in our Flowers Ministry!

Flowers Ministry

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